VIDEO: Toby Barazzuol Shares Tips on Work-Life Balance, Systems and Teams

Toby Barazzuol started Eclipse Awards, a world class recognition supplier and boutique consulting firm in 1998. Originally based in Yaletown, he soon realized that it would be better for his business to move to somewhere that it could make a difference on the community it was based in. So they moved to Strathcona.

As a business, Eclipse has worked with some of the world’s most successful organizations including NASA, the United Nations and the US Marine Corps.

But, it is not their clientele that makes Eclipse stand out in a crowd. Toby’s focus on regeneration and building strong communities has made him an iconic figure in Vancouver and beyond. Understanding sustainability is the single greatest investment you can make toward your future success. But Toby warns that the world is much more transparent now, with social media, so it is important to actively live by those values.

“It is a healthy process to think about your business in new ways in terms of manufacturing, marketing and how you relate to your staff,” explains Toby. “All those things you can look at through a new lens of sustainability it can be very beneficial and enlightening … you might come out with some kind of money-saving program that will not only reduce your environmental footprint but your costs too.”

Find out Toby’s three success tips, including how to achieve work-life balance below.

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