VIDEO: Fully Managed Inc, Shares how to be the Best Employer

Chris Day started Fully Managed in 2002. We was the sole employee, working as an independent IT consultant from home. Today, he has 40 employees, with offices in Vancouver and Edmonton. Scaling the business from one to 40, though is no small feat, but it was the kind of challenge that inspired Chris to be an entrepreneur.
For Chris, a major turning point in the business came when he clearly defined the company’s vision and goals. “Until we figured out our core purpose and values, we had a difficult time attracting and retaining the right people,” says Chris.

Today, his strive to create an exceptional workplace, is paying dividends. Recently being recognized as the Best Overall Workplace Under 100 Employees in Alberta and in Business in Vancouver’s Top Forty Under 40, as well as the Small Business BC Award for Best Employer in 2014.

Fully Managed does more than recruit employees who share its vision, they invest their resources in developing their employees too. Giving them the opportunity to create better lives for themselves and their families.

Chris’s advice for those starting out? “Figure out what makes you different from the other guy and develop your ‘why’,” he says. “It’s not to make money or to deliver a service – what will your clients feel if they work with you? Why should they choose you?”

Find out more tips for success from Chris in his video below.


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