VIDEO: Best Online Marketer Winner, Jenna Herbut, Shares Her Tips for Success

Jenna wanted to give traditional craft fairs a makeover and appeal to a whole new generation. She started Make It Productions.

Once a year she gathers 250 exhibitors to the PNE Forum in Vancouver and The Enjoy Centre in Alberta to sell all things craft to well over 15,000 socially conscious shoppers.

What’s Jenna’s secret? “I’m naturally creative, so coming up with lots of ideas was always very easy for me.” Her love of being able to get people excited about Make It! is also key. “I’m good at connecting people and generating a lot of PR for our designers.” One of the contributing factors to her winning the Best Online Marketer Award in 2014.

Jenna puts her quick rise to success down to her determination. “There isn’t anything you can’t do if you put your mind to it and believe in yourself. “ She explains, “One thing I think people do too much is quitting too soon. It can be really tough, but if you just stick with it you’ll be amazing at what you can accomplish. It’s little steps forward every day that gets you to your dream.”

Find out about her three tips of success.

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