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City of Salmon Arm

Salmon Arm, BC Best Medium Communities:

In 2016, a local business contacted Council about the property tax rates associated with Class 5 (Light Industry) and Class 6 (Business and Other), asserting that Class 5 properties were disproportionately penalized due to the higher taxation associated with any increased assessed value, thereby discouraging investment, growth and job creation.

Following a presentation by business and the BC Assessment Authority, staff provided options for consideration and advised about the property tax revenue implications of shifting and/or equalizing property tax between the classes.

In 2017, after review of Class 5 & Class 6 tax multiples and extensive public consultation, Council equalized the property tax rates for the two classifications. Council recognizes that it is not always clear how a property should be classified and demonstrated that the City is Open for Business through their responsiveness and commitment to treating all businesses equitably, regardless of how they are assessed

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