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City of Burnaby

Burnaby, BC Best Large Communities:

The City of Burnaby has continued to make Burnaby a better place to do business by: expanding our free public access Wi-Fi network (2015-2017), introducing an Inter-Municipal Business Licence (2015), launching an Open Data Portal (2016), drafting a Digital Strategy (2017), adopting a Corporate Strategy (2017), and implementing a new Business Licence Bylaw (2017). But the most significant initiative was launched on October 2, 2017, when the City began using EnerGov, our new $8.9 million licence, inspection and permit system that will help us better serve our customers. We issue over 13,000 business licences and over $800 million in building permits annually. The switch to EnerGov has gone very smoothly. Benefits include: collecting mobile inspection results in real time, accessing a central source of information (integrated GIS and permit/licence records), improving collaboration between departments, and distributing inspection results electronically by email (which contractors prefer).

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