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Roxann’s Hats

Fort Langley, BC Premier's People's Choice:
Top 10 Semi-Finalist
Employees: 4 In Business Since: 1998

Roxann’s is where fashion and functionality are entwined hand in hand and where you’re sure to find a fashion you adore from our exceptional selection. Located in picturesque Fort Langley, we’re conveniently located on Glover Rd. settled amongst other great local shops and boutiques.

Free parking makes a trip to Fort Langley affordable and an ideal location to spend an afternoon with family and friends. To better serve you, Roxann’s is open seven days a week with the exception of Christmas and New Year’s Day. Shop our selection today.

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  1. Roxanne Hats is not only that perfect store you can hit up to complete the look of any outfit whether it be casual or an evening gala event your attending, it’s also that local small town environment that lends great service, welcomes everyone, and makes you feel like you’ve met new friends that you want to go back and visit in the future. I love the atmosphere in the store, the friendliness of the staff and the location of beautiful fort Langley.

  2. Gloria

    I have never left Roxanne’s store without the perfect hat or accessory. The styles and quality cannot be surpassed. The friendliness and helpfulness of the staff always make it a fun experience. Worth a trip to beautiful Fort Langley!

  3. Mary

    This store is a must visit. Love the hats, there is a hat for everyone. Spreading the word.

  4. james richard johnson

    Great selection of quality hats. Always someone to help you find the right hat, or go get it for you if it is not in the shop today, and with my head size it is hard to have it in stock. Never pressured, always helpful.

  5. Carmen

    At Roxanne’s you will find an excellent variety of hats and accessories. You can always find a unique hat you are looking for, especially if you have a special occasion coming up. The staff is always friendly and courteous. I always feel welcome entering to their store.

  6. Wonderful collection of eclectic hats. You can definitely find something unique and unusual here. I liked that they promoted a local B.C. designer who is amazing. Staff were friendly, very helpful hearing my needs, yet not pushy. I came back the next day when I had enough time to enjoy the experience and bought a delightful hat.

  7. Libby

    Never walk out of there without one hat….it’s a must visit whenever in Ft. Langley. So many hats, so much fun to try them on and discover a new fashion accessory. Love this store and their hats!

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