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Picnic Charcuterie

Tofino, BC Premier's People's Choice:
Top 5 Finalist
Employees: 2 In Business Since: 2014

Picnic charcuterie produces high quality cured meats and provisions using local and seasonal BC ingredients. Practicing traditional production and aging techniques, and using only the minimum required preservatives. Their belief that consumers should know how and where the food they eat is produced, and who produces it comes across so clear. They believe in directly supporting the production and harvest of local and ethically raised goods, and prioritize sourcing ingredients from Vancouver Island producers.

Picnic just launched a Kickstarter campaign to expand their business and the town of Tofino can’t wait for this to happen!

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  1. Betty

    Tina at Picnic makes the most fabulous cured meats I have ever eaten. We are so erg fortunate to have this fine company!

  2. Sandi Rideout

    Picnic is a great business, filling a gaping need in our community. Shopping in Tofino has really improved since Tina established the business. This award us well-preserved and my vote definitely goes to her!

  3. Bill Milliken

    Picnic is a must visit in Tofino and it is so close to Tofino Brewing too! The charcuterie is fantastic and the specialty cheeses Tina selects are worthy of a global bucket list destination. Picnic makes Tofino even more sensational.

  4. vera

    Picnic Charcuterie has the best pancetta (we always have some in the fridge). The duck confit is wonderful (great with beans for a winter supper). Wonderful cheeses, we don’t have to leave town to get a great manchego or stilton. Tina also brings in a variety of cheeses from small producers in BC and Quebec. Whenever we have a special occasion or celebration we get a couple of the 30-day aged rib-eye steaks. Also, the dog loves the pigs’ ears. Thank you, Tina, Jenny and Cassidy.

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