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Natural & Organic Healing Clinic

Richmond, BC Premier's People's Choice:
Employees: 3 In Business Since: 2010

Why Should Natural & Organic Healing Clinic Win this Award?

No business is perfect but after serving 2463+ people our 4.9/5 average customer review rating clearly indicates our dedication in Registered Herbal and Registered Massage Therapy. Natural & Organic Healing Clinic family business has been operating since 2010.

Heartbreaking Story Behind the Founding of the Clinic

The reason why we founded this clinic goes all the way back when our founder Dr. Sally Wu had her father pass away from conventional medicine when she was 7 years old. Her father’s untimely death left her feeling very sad, it had a strong impact through her childhood, which left her feeling unfair and having to do something about it. Dr. Sally Wu worked as a young manager in a big pharmaceutical company in her twenties, where she realized the potential harmful side effects of conventional medicine and its limitations in solving the root cause. Wanting to find more ways to heal the body, she pursued holistic medicine in studies of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Herbal Medicine. Since then, Dr. Wu has treated over 3000 clients in her practice.

Client’s Story: From a Hopeless Tragedy (Not Capable Of Taking Care Of Kids & Work) To a Full Recovery With Herbal Treatment

A female client who was a dentist and a single mother with two children had insomnia that led to depression from the lack of sleep. She was taking high dosages of sleeping pills and still had difficulty falling asleep and even staying asleep. The lack of good sleep was so bad that the dentist had to stop her practice, which was tragic because she was raising two children by herself and she was needed to work. She sought out many doctors to help her with her insomnia and depression, which often led to just more pills. After being referred by a friend to Dr. Sally Wu, the dentist was able to have a full recovery – go back to work, stop taking antidepressants and sleeping pills and she was able to take care of the kids.

Dr. Sally Wu’s Credentials (Founder)  

Dr. Sally Wu also has a PhD in Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, Post-graduate degree from Alternative Natural Medicine College of Canada, she is also a Registered Herbal Therapist from The Canadian Herbalist of British Columbia and a Licensed Chinese Medicine Doctor in China, along with a certification from American Association of Drugless Practitioners. In addition, Dr. Sally Wu has been featured on Hawaii Chinese News 檀報 to talk about the philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and herbal therapy. Currently she practices in Vancouver, Hawaii and is able to do herbal consultations online.

About the Herbal Treatment

Holistic medicine sees health as a positive state of well being and our registered herbal therapy tailors the treatment to meet the individual’s needs is fundamental in the promotion of health and the prevention of disease. Herbal medicine uses plants that do not have the aggressive and invasive action of modern drugs, but instead support the body’s own natural tendency to heal itself. Our herbal treatments include treatments on liver and gallbladder disease, digestive diseases, gynecological diseases, skin disease, and endocrine imbalance therapy.

Elana Wu’s Credentials (Owner)

The current owner of the clinic Elana Wu, Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) and best-selling author of Your Health is Your Wealth, has been featured on Tri-Cities Community Television to speak on the topic of human performance and habits.

Myth Buster

People think that massage is to just to help them relax, but here we solve pain with unique techniques, of course, no treatment is perfect, but after treating people who have tried everything to relieve their neck, shoulder, back chronic muscular pain, and haven’t had results, our clinic has been able to solve the problems, even headaches because most headaches happen to be caused by muscular tension.

Why we don’t Advertise

With RMT we solve pain in 60 minutes or less or severe pain in just a few short visits and clients tell everybody else to come, which explains our 4.9 average rating after serving 2463+ people. Client’s pain could be from car accidents, work injuries, sports injuries. We also relieve pre or post-natal discomfort help with stress management and injury prevention. Our massage treatments dedicate to the individual needs of each and every patient and select the appropriate treatment systems to solve pain.

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