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Backyard Vineyards

Langley, BC Premier's People's Choice:
Employees: 15 In Business Since: 2000

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  1. Stephen Irving

    These folks have been working hard to shift perceptions around the Fraser Valley wine industry. Thanks to winemaker James Cambridge, they’ve turned a fledgling little winery in Langley into an award-winner with a variety of critically acclaimed wines.

  2. Wonderful neighbourhood winery with a worldly view and cosmopolitan/worldly approach to their wines.

  3. Donna Reimann

    The amazing tastes produced by James made an Okanagan wine drinker change her tastes. And the cheerfulness and knowledge of the product that Treena has made my trips there very enjoyable. Hope you know what an asset they both are.

  4. Gordon Haist

    Superb wines, made from a great team! They should wine.

  5. Vito Maracic

    WInes much improved in the past 3-4 vintages. Excellent Riesling and bubblies; very solid reds, too

  6. Alisa fraser

    Amazing winery and love the bubbles

  7. Bobcrockett

    I just wanna say that the people who work there the atmosphere and the wine is truly amazing. My wife and I love it there so much we decided to do our wedding there and all I can say was it was a totally epic night

  8. Vicki Armstrong

    We love the atmosphere, the wine is very good, and the staff is most knowledgeable about the industry. They spend plenty of time explaining the flavors we are tasting. The area is beautiful, and if you are lucky, you may hear some outstanding live music to help you pass the time while you enjoy every sip. Don’t miss this place…it’s worth your time to go…

  9. Tim Hickey

    Nice neighborhood winery, the wine is awesome and the staff are the most accommodating in all of Langley. It is so great to have such a place in the Great, (not greater Langley).

  10. Robyn Rahn

    Fun on Fridays in the summer…live music, chicouteries, WINE, ….loved the pizza BBQ! Like the club discount!

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