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Arrow & Axe General Store

Kimberley, BC Premier's People's Choice:
Employees: 5 In Business Since: 2015

We wanted to celebrate our Kootenay Kimberley lifestyle and how fortunate we are to live here by creating a store inspired by our surroundings, our travels and our home life as makers for well over a decade. Our studio often smells like leather, incense and black tea…well beer and whiskey in the evenings. Our shelves overflow with gemstones, paints, leather, and tools – as do our kitchen counters often seeing the overflow from our studio, mixing daily life with creative life.  Our kids enjoy making their own projects in the studio and adding to the ‘creative chaos’. Eventually, we leave our creative chaos and head out our back door into the woods. Here we do our best to take a break and be present with our kids and life and enjoy the simple things.

Our store celebrates all we hold near and dear; design, makers, laughter, outdoors, creative play, and that we are ‘Mountain Made’. We are intricately woven with our surroundings and this store is truly a pouring out of our favourite things and people. A general store is a place where the neighbors mingle and catch up, and the tourist listen intrigued by their stories…getting a taste of small town living. In Kimberley we are a bunch of warm friendly types and the first to open up and say “WELCOME!”

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