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The Henna Hut

Penticton, BC Best Marketer:
Top 5 Finalist
Employees: 13 In Business Since: 2010

The Henna Hut is an amazing company with a vibrant and engaging marketing strategy. As a company run 100% by student artists, The Henna Hut is overflowing with creative community engagement plans and social media programs.

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  1. Russ Mitchell

    Great little company with a wonderful person running it..

  2. Heather Russell

    An amazing company to work for! We have so much creative freedom, we get to work on the beautiful beaches in Penticton, and we bring smiles to peoples faces through art. I hope The Henna Hut wins this- they deserve it!

  3. Amanda Arnold

    An incredible company! Their booths are so colorful and bright and professional, and their artists are amazing.

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