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Brosgall Legal

Vancouver, BC Best International Trade:
Employees: 1 In Business Since: 2011

Vancouver is a global city with significant immigration, trade and tourism. Local businesses and individuals often need to send official documents to other countries to pursue international trade opportunities. However, before Canadian documents can be sent overseas, they must be properly validated. This is done via a three-step process: notarization, authentication and consular legalization (Apostille).

Brosgall Legal specializes in this unique area of international law, and we are western Canada’s leading document legalization law firm. We specialize in international trade and consular legalization services. Brosgall Legal has helped 1000s of local and international clients process their documents for foreign use, handling everything from start to finish. Our experience and diplomatic connections result in expedited service, and we ensure that our clients’ documentation is legal and valid for international trade purposes. Brosgall Legal turns local into global!

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  1. Denise Fairbairn

    Well done Adam and all the best .

  2. Edward

    Congratulations, Adam, you have well! Our best wishes to you.

    Edward & Aurora Llamas
    Fremont, CA 94539

  3. Lianne Palminrose

    Yay, Adam!! You go, bro’!

  4. Ross Neil

    a hard working one person company

  5. David Beckow

    Go Adam!

  6. Dennis and Patricia Baker

    Good luck Adam, congratulations on the nomination. You deserve it.

  7. Mark Fryfield

    Mazel Tov! Keep up the good documentation!

  8. Shirley Kushner

    Mazel Tov.
    Well deserved

  9. Shirley Kushner

    Shirley Kushner
    Mazel Tov. WellDeserved

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