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Two Hat Security

Kelowna, BC Best Innovation:
Top 5 Finalist
Employees: 36 In Business Since: 2012

At Two Hat Security, we use cutting-edge technology to solve social problems. Our goal is to remove dangerous content like cyber bullying, hate speech, and child exploitation from the Internet. We were inspired by the heartbreaking story of Amanda Todd and many others like her, to make a change in the online world. We create industry-leading technology that leverages machine intelligence and human understanding to locate, label, and remove high-risk and threatening content that damages lives.

Our flagship product Community Sift is under contract to process 4 billion lines of chat and comments a day across various social networks and online games, including ROBLOX, Marvel Contest of Champions,, and Animal Jam. Our biggest project yet is also our most important: We are developing a sophisticated network of AI that can identify child pornography at a glance, and help law enforcement find dangerous offenders — and save lives in the process.

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  1. Seija S. Webb

    What a wonderful new company!!! So encouraged this kind of initiative is out there!!!

  2. Maija Gauss

    Very good that there is a company like this….kudos!

  3. Wendy Whittaker

    Keep up the tireless efforts! You are making a difference and returning good to this world.

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