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The Alinker

Richmond, BC Best Innovation:
Top 5 Finalist
Employees: 8 In Business Since: 2012

The Alinker Inventions Ltd. is a company committed to building an inclusive community. We are devoted to designing, building and marketing durable walking-bicycles and accessories for people with mobility challenges who want to maintain an active life.

Our feature product is the Alinker R-volution. The Alinker is a radically different walk assist, a ‘walking-bike’ for everybody who wants to stay active, regardless of mobility challenges. It is a non-motorized walking-bike without pedals. Traditional mobility aids are a technical solution for a body with a problem, the focus is on the problem, they are not designed to how you want to live your life, regardless of possible physical challenges.

Barbara Alink is a Dutch designer, project manager, architect, mentor and inventor of the Alinker.  She designed the Alinker to be so cool that it overcomes the discomfort that other people feel with disabilities. It changes lives!

We challenge assumptions about people with disabilities.

Before she invented the Alinker Barbara was some 20 years in senior management positions, managing multi-million dollar international reconstruction projects, reconstructing hundreds of rural schools in Afghanistan and Aceh, Indonesia. She gained a deeper appreciation of the power of community during 10 years working in various countries experiencing struggle and change. With that experience of the power and importance of community, the vision to build an inclusive community developed and is the foundation of the Alinker Inventions.

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  1. Jessica

    This wonder on wheels makes me smile. I only get positive comments when I use it. People like the original design and ask me what it is and why I use it. So it is enabling and engaging in several ways.

    • Hi Jessica, thank you for posting your comment here and it is awesome that you enjoy it so much!

  2. Margaret Bradshaw

    Have just heard of the Alinker. Where in bc Vancouver area can I see and try one

    • Hi Margaret…please contact us on our website ( We only sell online, but if you are in Vancouver we might be able to meet somewhere.

  3. Maxine Laing

    I am sooo impressed and asked my daughter to see this in case I need it in the future

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