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IT Glue

Vancouver, BC Best Innovation:
Top 5 Finalist
Employees: 45 In Business Since: 2013

IT Glue is a documentation platform designed to help organizations dramatically reduce the productivity waste associated with documenting information and processes. The three key prerequisites for this award category are innovation, adoption and collaboration.

IT Glue provided an innovative solution to an age old problem, how to access and store client and internal information and processes. It was developed out of a growing need identified within the IT Services sector. The product has been so successfully embraced, that it has been recognized by industry experts as redefining the requirements for running a profitable business in this sector.

Over the last three years 2,000 organizations, have adopted the software platform as their central hub for information. These organizations support more than 500,000 businesses globally. IT Glue has grown to employ more than 45 staff in Vancouver, including more than 18 staff in the area of R&D.

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