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Algabloom International Ltd.

Richmond, BC Best Innovation:
Employees: 9 In Business Since: 2014

Algabloom has developed a proprietary micro-climate technology to grow Spirulina in a climate like Vancouver. With the patented technology, AlgaBloom can grow Blue-Green Algae strains in a compact footprint with only 10% of the water traditionally needed. This allowed Algabloom to enter the market with its first highly unique SpiruVive: Canadian Spirulina consumer product, which deliverers a new innovative format for superfoods.

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  1. Candice mayfield

    This product is absolutely life changing! After taking this over a course of a yr, my eyesight has improved immensely. I’ve gone down a preciscription two times in the last 18 months!!

  2. lihai wang

    A very innovative product, natural and needed by our body.

  3. April

    Wonderful product!! Even my little girl likes it!

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