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AIM Language Learning

North Vancouver, BC Best Innovation:
Employees: 4 In Business Since: 2004

AIM Language Learning produces teaching resources based on a methodology called AIM (The Accelerative Integrated Methodology) that has proven to RAPIDLY accelerate students’ language proficiency far beyond anything experienced before. It has been referred to as a ‘revolution for second language teaching and learning’!

Wendy Maxwell, a BC teacher, developed the methodology through action-research with her students. After presenting her strategies at teacher conferences, it was evident that there was a need for effective resources and in 2004, Matt and Wendy Maxwell started their company.

In the past ten years, AIM has grown from one Canadian French classroom to over 10,000 around the world and has positively transformed the classroom experience for hundreds of thousands of students and their teachers.

Currently, AIM publishes resources for five languages (French, Spanish, Mandarin, English and Japanese.) and our products and training have sold into over 40 countries.

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  1. Seema Pervaiz

    AIM has changed my entire teaching practice, I will not teach FSL any other way.

  2. Lou Ann Ballard

    Aim is brilliant and has revolutionized the teaching of French. Hats off Aim!

  3. Edite Sammons

    As the first teacher to pilot AIM in 1999 at Havergal College in Toronto and see it grow, words cannot describe how much this has changed second language education and educators around the world.

  4. Sabrina L'Heureux

    AIM is wonderful! My students love it and I will never teach French another way.

  5. Debra Parmenter

    I think this is an innovative programme that shows a great deal of imagination and creativity. It helps you promote creativity with your students while building their confidence in a foreign language. It especially is great for the learning styles and intelligences that are often left out in traditional pencil and paper classroom learning. I am so thankful I’ve found AIM.

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