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Nirvana Foods Inc.

Richmond, BC Best Immigrant Entrepreneur:
Top 5 Finalist
Employees: 5 In Business Since: 2014

We are a family-owned specialty foods producer with one mutual passion: we love foods made from wholesome ingredients. My husband Danilo and I (Jaeriah) run our business for the simple gratification of feeding our community wholesome foods made from scratch using real ingredients.

From chopping all our fresh vegetables by hand, to baking our chicken in the oven to a caramelized perfection, we define what it means to be an artisanal food producer.

Nirvana Foods was launched in 2014 after feeding the Richmond community for years as a local grocer under the name of Nirvana Organics, in Steveston. When I met my now-husband Danilo in Italy and decided to bring our life back to Canada, we knew we wanted to build something great and successful. With this goal in mind Nirvana Foods, a gourmet food production company using only wholesome ingredients was born.

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