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FreshWorks Studio

Victoria, BC Best Immigrant Entrepreneur:
Top 5 Finalist
Employees: 10 In Business Since: 2014

Samarth is an immigrant to Canada who hails from a humble background and was born in a very small town in India. Samarth’s mother encouraged him to go and pursue an MBA in a University outside of India to further his education and goals. In 2013, Samarth chose Canada for favorable visa policies, and the relative ease of starting a business. At the age of 25, Samarth received an entrance scholarship at UVIC for the MBA program.

He began to understand the Canadian culture and started networking a lot . He founded AirSenze (rebranded as FreshWorks) in early Feb 2014, while still pursuing his MBA, along with a friend (Rohit Boolchandani). Several times, Samarth ran out of finances managing startup & MBA studies but he caught a break with a seed investment of $25k in January 2015 which helped pay for business and also finishing off MBA. Now the company has grown to eight employees in Victoria, and have over $500,000 in revenue. Times Colonist did a story on him:

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  1. Alex Connel

    I have seen their journey starting from scratch and tackling all the challenges with great sense of humour and spirit. Plz vote for these guys.

  2. Brian Harper

    As a business school mentor I was introduced to Samarth and then Rohit early on in their journey. In the beginning I felt these two people had the markings of some of the best entrepreneurs I have seen in my career. They continue to validate that perception.

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