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Vancouver, BC Best Employer:
Top 5 Finalist
Employees: 40 In Business Since: 2008

I started designing homes when I was 19, with a sketchbook and a pencil.  It was my parent’s home and they encouraged and promoted my designs!

Seeing my sketches become a reality was the most magnificent feeling.  While other kids played little league, I was on construction sites. For me , it is only natural that I would design homes as an adult.  I design what people want and what people dream about.

Each of our luxury homes is unique, designed specifically for the client,m with an eye on maintaining a premium resale value.  I now work together with a team, driving design innovation and challenging each one of my staff to think outside the box to create distinctive, breathtaking designs.

We can design and build the perfect home for you!

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  1. kevin

    Great company to work for

  2. Chris Oneill

    Great place to work

  3. Ying Shi

    Very friendly

  4. Peter Z

    Unfortunately I haven’t worked for all of the companies in the world, but this one is the best one I have had before! Actually, it is not like a company, or a workplace, it is like a big happy family and folks really work together to get things done. Wonderful!

  5. Victoria Huntley

    Supportive group of Managers and people here – I enjoy coming to work every day.

  6. Pascal xue

    Very good job, good services

  7. Lois Beckett

    Eric and Janey are a dynamic enterprise on their own.
    Their houses are beautifu and elegantl with that ‘personal’ touch.
    Even the house they live in is not large by today’s standard, but so well organized with the tiniest detail that it looks a lot larger that it is. It is very tasteful, relaxing and magnificent.

    The family spaces are the largest, and the decor is very well suited to this enchanting home.

    I am thrilled that they are recognized for their hard and stylish quality homes which they absolutely deserve. Congratulations Eric, Janey and Victoreric Homes and Desigh.

  8. Ricky Ha

    Great company to work with!

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