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RDC Fine Homes Inc.

Whistler, BC Best Employer:
Top 5 Finalist
Employees: 38 In Business Since: 1993
  • RDC should win this award because we believe in a staff 1st approach recognizing that happy staff will ensure happy clients. Happy client mean profits.
  • RDC puts worker safety 1st and takes great pride in maintaining its Work Safe Certificate of Recognition. We are an industry leader in establishing a culture of job site safety.
  • RDC has implement a new operational framework and strategic planning initiative over the last 18 months which has dramatically increased our ability to problem solve, engage employees, deliver a better product, increase profits and have happy clients who recommend us to others.
  • Key initiatives include 3rd party Client Surveys and energy efficiency certifications including Energy Star, Built Green and quality certificating through Holmes Approved Holmes.
  • RDC’s Strategic Plan was drafted with input from our Core Team, focused through a 1 Page Planning tool; RDC conducts all day quarterly planning meetings with its Core Team to measure against the goals set and continue to plan for the future.
  • Through our strategic planning frame work we work with all our Core Team members to prepare and measure their quarterly priorities. These are shared on line through Smart Sheets and are reviewed monthly at our Core Team meeting
  • RDC recently won 2 Provincial Home Building Awards and 1 National Home Building Award. We were nominated as a finalist both provincially and nationally for Home Builder of the year.
  • Internally, RDC conducts quarterly employee surveys, performs bi-annual employee score card reviews and quarterly recognition team events.
  • RDC and owner Bob Deeks have a strong vision to continue to improve,  recognizing that it is an important investment to ensure we can consistently live our core values – Positive, Reliable, Performance

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  1. I work with RDC Fine Homes on a regular basis. They are a great team and wonderful to work with. Keep up the great work Bob and company!

  2. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know the team at RDC Fine Homes this year and I’ve been very impressed by the passion and dedication they all have for what they do. Cudos to the whole crew!

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