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Wine Crush Market

Penticton, BC Best Concept:
Employees: 8 In Business Since: 2016

Wine crush market takes the left over from the winery’s after they press their finest grapes for their vintages. We dehydrate it and mill it down into a fine powder and infuse it into all of our products. We specialize in our processes that activates the wild yeast that lives on our grapes to make our 98% gluten depleted sour dough bread and baked goods. As a first year business we were the first company in the city of penticton to ever win two awards at the business excellence awards. Best new business and sustainability awards

Our focus as a company is to provide winery’s in the okanagan a picnic station with their estate products such as patè, sausages , coffee, cheese, mustards and sourdough bread all made with their bi products keeping the most healthiest part of the grape have a large affect then sitting in a land fill.

We also started a bread program to donate bread weekly to our local soup kitchen. We like everyone in the community to enjoy our new products.

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