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Studio Robazzo

Victoria, BC Best Concept:
Top 5 Finalist
Employees: 5 In Business Since: 2015

Studio Robazzo creates innovative solutions by design.

We are a growing design firm in Victoria that works towards solving localized waste issues through the creation of unique consumer products and custom design projects. We believe in the power of local business and creative innovation as a driving force towards the future.

Minimizing our environmental impact is part of every decision we make, and re-purposing waste materials through sustainable innovation is a key part of our business plan. We understand that we are coming in to a rapidly changing economic reality that will be constantly adapting to keep up with new technologies and improving environmental practices, and we strive to be at the leading edge of this movement.

Studio Robazzo also believes in the importance of community support, and to this end works with local artists to create memorable events showcasing unique talents and experiences. We seek to provide a versatile and welcoming event space for uncommon cultural experiences that are underrepresented in our society.

Studio Robazzo aims to be a leading-edge creative force in BC’s rapidly changing economy. Finding a balance between unique, meaningful products, and custom projects driven by research and innovation are central to Robazzo’s unique business plan.

We believe in a future that is environmentally, socially and economically sustainable. Do you?

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