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SkyHive Technologies

Vancouver, BC Best Concept:
Top 10 Semi-Finalist
Employees: 7 In Business Since: 2016

SkyHive has been established to apply emerging technology to solving the global grand challenge of unemployment and underemployment. The world unemployment rate is rising. World youth unemployment is twice that of the global average. There are 644 million women in the world eligible and desiring to enter the workforce but are unable to. In Canada, unemployment among Indigenous communities is more than twice the national average. Lastly, income disparity between high-income earners and low-income earners is growing.

With a deep knowledge of the “future of work”, along with the application of new technology, SkyHive is the world’s first talent marketplace to use machine learning to inventory the skills of its users, and match them with earning opportunities. In addition to this, the platform will recommend training programs to users based on algorithms that apply targeted skills acquisition to grow a user’s skillset, and therefore rapid access to earning opportunities.

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