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SkyHive Technologies

Vancouver, BC Best Concept:
Employees: 4 In Business Since: 2016

SkyHive has been established to apply emerging technology to solving the global grand challenge of unemployment and underemployment. The world unemployment rate is rising. World youth unemployment is twice that of the global average. There are 644 million women in the world eligible and desiring to enter the workforce but are unable to. In Canada, unemployment among Indigenous communities is more than twice the national average. Lastly, income disparity between high-income earners and low-income earners is growing.

With a deep knowledge of the “future of work”, along with the application of new technology, SkyHive is the world’s first talent marketplace to use machine learning to inventory the skills of its users, and match them with earning opportunities. In addition to this, the platform will recommend training programs to users based on algorithms that apply targeted skills acquisition to grow a user’s skillset, and therefore rapid access to earning opportunities.

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  1. Paul Toupin

    Congratulations SkyHive on developing solutions that aim to reverse Canada’s historical dilemma.

  2. John Fleury

    You’ve got my support.
    Rock on.

  3. Hartland Ross

    Great concept guys! Love to hear more!

  4. Pat Winram

    Congrats on your super concept marketplace tech connectivity.

  5. Liz Dill

    Great concept…an excellent way to support those seeking employment!

  6. June Borle'

    Congratulations team SkyHive on this great concept and good luck on winning the award!!!

  7. Danda Javier

    Congratulations on this Talent Platform and for your nomination for best concept. Good luck and hope you win the award. Spread the solution to one of the global grand challenges which is underemployment and unemployment which will also touch on some of the social issues as gender equality, culture and governance. Good luck!

  8. Bill Mascott

    What a great idea and aimed at the very people that need the help at the right time. This could be a game changer in terms of helping people find things that suit their skills and also give their lives more meaning.
    I wish you every success.

  9. Jeff bicketstaff

    Looks good

  10. Renu goodenough (Bhushan)

    Worked for your dad briefly in 2003. Happy to support the family!!

  11. Renu goodenough

    Worked for Paul briefly in 2002, happy to support the family in their ventures!!

  12. Carolyn MacKinnon

    Very interesting ideas. We support you.

  13. Serena

    Great idea

  14. Duncan Fraser

    Hi this is good stuff I am so much in support. you rock man.

  15. Fawn McDonald

    Well done guys, you are amazing!!

  16. Julie james

    I knew you would come up with somthing great.Congrats

  17. Tim Bartels

    Well done guys congratulations on a great innovative concept!!

  18. Claudia Buckley

    It’s wonderful to read about this initiative, and its possibilities seem limitless. Good work and good wishes for future success.

  19. Claudia Buckley

    This is a wonderful and laudatory initiative. Good work. Offers tremendous opportunities and possibilities. Best wishes for much success.

  20. Congratulations on a very innovative initiative. Wishing you much success.

  21. Elfi

    Congrats, guys! You got my vote and admiration

  22. Dale Parsons

    Great way to connect the world.

  23. Les Landes

    Well done.

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