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Lil Worker Safety Gear

Comox, BC Best Concept:
Top 5 Finalist
Employees: 1 In Business Since: 2015

In 2015 James Flawith created Lil Worker Safety Gear, North America’s first line of REAL safety gear designed specifically for children. James is not a businessman. He’s not an entrepreneur – he’s a father. A father who wants to protect children from careless drivers, from speeding vehicles, from getting lost.

James started off making safety gear to protect his own children, and felt obligated to make it available to help other parents protect their children as well. Lil Worker Safety Gear is an idea born from a sincere desire to make the world a safer place, not just a concept to create profit. Please vote for James and Lil Worker Safety Gear and help spread our message to #vizyourkids and protect their priceless lives!!!

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  1. Steven McFadden

    Right on James!

  2. Patti Harris

    A high quality product that looks good and that makes your child or in my case, your grandchild more visible. So smart!

  3. Bill George

    Phenomenal idea!

  4. You guys are all AWESOME!!! Thank you for supporting Lil Worker Safety Gear!!!

  5. Katie

    Awesome product, my kids LOVE them and so do I! #safetyfirst

  6. Melissa Harris

    Great product! Our daughter loves her Lil Worker Safety Gear!

  7. Steve Flawith

    It’s such an awesome idea James! Good on you for making it happen!

  8. Elaine

    I bought these for my grandbabies! Best investment ever especially out where we live in the bush!

  9. Heather Pate

    We hi-viz our workers because they are important to us…our kids and grandkids are important too!

  10. Shane Evans

    What a great idea…perfect for kids that have lots of energy and are always running around.
    We can make the play time more safe and fun. Very good idea

  11. John North

    As a father and grandfather I think this is a superb idea! I watched my 18 month-old granddaughter running around today, delighted with her new abilities and utterly unaware of the new dangers that she faces! Terrific concept, James!!

  12. Caroline Paterson

    Good luck James!!

  13. J Barth

    Wonderful idea! I hope to be seeing them in my area soon!

  14. Ron Mills

    A work of genius!!!!

  15. Candace McPhalen

    I think this is a great idea. Especially for kids who have to walk to school along busy roads and streets.

  16. Lindsey Orr

    Congrats James on all your success! The twins can’t wait to sport Lil Safety Gear! Thank you for keeping so many kids a lil safer across Canada. Our family thanks you!

  17. Bev

    one of the best idea’s ever for our kids/grandkids,,
    my first order arrived so quickly also…Bev

  18. Drew Millen

    I’m big in to this, James. Keep it up bud.

  19. Geoff McElgunn

    Our grandkids have Lil Worker hi vis raincoats and they are making quite an impression! The kids love them, and they really stand out in a crowd. Hi quality hi vis, what a concept! Great product!

  20. Jody

    What an awesome product! Way to set the bar high on something that seems so simple and should be easy to find, but obviously wasn’t a choice for our kids! #vizyourkids

  21. Irene

    Irene Nov.30/2016

    Entrepreneurial blessings, such an important product for today’s world.

  22. Karen

    I think your gear is a fantastic idea, one of my grand children has the jacket. I plan on purchasing one for each of my orher 2 grand children.

  23. Walter

    Nice! Good luck James.

  24. Teresa Morrison

    Wonder product. Great idea. Investing in the future. For the safety of our children is the best way to protect the future.

  25. Joanna Tancon

    I love your products ! My daycare kids are suited up with the hi-viz vests anytime we leave the property, and most of the boys want to wear them when they’re “working” in the back yard with their diggers and dump trucks. The vests are easy to put on, comfortable to wear, and highly effective in keeping my kids visible and safe. I love being able to spot the kids so easily at the playground, and get tons of comments about them. I bought my grandkids the raincoats and they wear the coats daily on their bike rides to school. We especially love the see-through part of the hood- their vision isn’t impaired like with other raincoats.

  26. Great idea
    I love the safety visor on the hoods.
    Can’t wait til we put an order in!

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