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Coastline Market

Vancouver, BC Best Concept:
Employees: 5 In Business Since: 2016

The seafood industry today is extremely inefficient. With four, five or even six middlemen between the source and sale, restaurants and retail buyers end up paying more for fish that is less fresh and less traceable. In an era where technology is creating efficiency and optimization, the seafood industry has yet to see widespread innovation or disruption.

Coastline Market is an innovative new model that connects commercial fishers directly to retail buyers in local geographies. Through our online marketplace, we enable fishers to skip the middlemen and earn more – all without having to coordinate sales, logistics or delivery. Meanwhile, restaurants source fresh, local seafood for less while receiving key metrics on when, where and how the seafood was caught.

Since launching in September, Coastline has partnered with over 20 restaurants and empowered six commercial fishers across B.C.

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