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BikeHike Adventures

Vancouver, BC Best Company:
Top 5 Finalist
Employees: 4 In Business Since: 1994

I founded BikeHike Adventures 23 years ago when the adventure travel industry was a very small percentage of the tourism industry. There were only a handful of companies operating in those days. There was no internet and our marketing strategies were entirely micro-marketing to the local communities.

We’ve grown to operate adventure vacations in 30 countries worldwide and have taken thousands of travellers from every corner of the planet on life-changing adventures where they’ve authentically experienced the local ways of life and cultures.

Much has changed in the last 23 years and we’ve continuously adapted to changing landscape. The playing field has become far more competitive with far more adversities then in those early days including economic uncertainty, terrorism, a growing number of natural disasters, and cyberattacks.

We’ve continued to stand strong and resilient throughout this ever-changing environment and have maintained continuous growth.

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