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Lighthouse Labs

Vancouver, BC Best Community Impact:
Top 5 Finalist
Employees: 20 In Business Since: 2013

Lighthouse Labs has become a clear leader in creating community impact across BC. In just 3 years, we have introduced over 4,500 people to digital literacy through notable free coding initiatives such as The HTML500, CodeCreate, The BCTech Summit and many more.

On top of the Lighthouse Labs-driven coding initiatives, we have partnered with countless organizations in bringing coding accessibility to people of all backgrounds. This includes the FNTC to support Indigenous students through the Bridging To Technology Program, partnering with ISS of BC to support recent immigrants retraining into technology careers, sponsoring & hosting Ladies Learning Code and App Camp for Girls.

Most recently, we launched Code Class to train teachers in coding & computational thinking, spurred from the announcement that Lighthouse Labs was awarded the contract from the BC Government to design the support student & teacher materials for the ADST curriculum being introduced in schools across the province.

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  1. Wayne A

    As an IT professional with over 35 years of Dev Ops, architecture, engineering and sales experience, it’s great to see that Lighthouse contributes to their student’s design and coding skills. These skills are the building blocks from which their students can create their own ideas for innovations. Ideas will refine into valued products and solutions contributing back to society and the IT industry.

  2. Lighthouse Labs provides the best time-spent-studying to likelihood-of-getting-a-good-job ratio. And they’re just nice.

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