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Fraser Lake Dollar Store and Corner Store

Fraser Lake, BC Best Community Impact:
Top 5 Finalist
Employees: 7 In Business Since: 2007

In May of 2016, Fraser Lake was notified its only grocery store (Super Value) would be closing in June of 2016. This meant that all residents would have to travel a minimum of 60km to get any type of grocery item.

Hearing this announcement in May, Bobby and Lori could not fathom the idea of people traveling that far or in poor winter conditions for milk, eggs, and other daily essentials. They acted quickly by transforming a vacant space in Fraser Lake to a much needed fully stocked corner store and more.

The Fraser Lake Corner Store opened in July of 2016, and has become the go to shop for the communities daily grocery needs. On top of the daily needs Lori has brought in meat, fresh produce, supported local growers, as well as many other items. This simple corner store has thrived in the community and transformed into the community market. Without Bobby and Lori’s vision, and quick acting, many residents would have been deprived of their daily grocery needs.

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  1. Ryk van Donselaar

    Lived in Fraser Lake in the early 70’s and have many great memories of the community and the great spirit. Congratulations on solving a problem in your unique Fraser Lake way.

  2. Kathy Hart

    I have know Bob and Lori since probably 1998 in Kamloops. This kind of action from them does not surprise me in the least. Those two have the biggest hearts and open arms I have ever met.
    Awesome job and congrats on the new business.
    Love ya both.

  3. Jon Rempel

    Good job Folks

  4. Helen MacNiven

    great people, awesome store,
    thanks for all your hard work !

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