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Victoria, BC Best Community Impact:
Employees: 1 In Business Since: 2004

Thank you for the opportunity to nominate myself and aha! tutoring services for this award. For over a dozen years, I have been supporting all learners with enhancing their skills and abilities, to develop greater confidence in whatever area of learning they pursue. A majority of the students I support identify as having/dealing with significant barriers to accessing their dreams and goals. My role has been to guide/mentor them through their personal journeys so that they can reach these dreams and goals. Many of these life-long learners have not only achieved their heart’s desire, they have gone on to supporting others that may be experiencing extreme life challenges. I continually feel a sense of humility and honour to be a ‘scaffold’ towards the ladder of this definition of success within our communities. Many former students share with me that my enthusiasm in believing in them has been a primary reason for their moving forward in their lives as “change agents”.

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